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Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo.

This 53 minutes video will gonna change your perception about interaction, interfaces, coding, innovation and principles.

Bret Victor’s principle is the importance of continuous feedback. To do so, he invents tools that enable people to understand and visualize what they are creating.

"Creators need to see what they are doing"

"Two golden rules of information design: Show the data, show comparisons" 

"This is not paper, when you have a new media you have to rethink this things, you have to think how can this new media allow us to more media connection to what we made."

Bret Victor also talks about how a “principle centered life” can help you to live.

"Every aspect of your life is a choice, but all default choices, you can choose to sleep through your life and accept the path that was laid out for you, you can choose to accept the world as it is, but you don’t have to. If there is something in the world that you feels wrong and you have a vision of what the world can be, you can find your guiding principle and you can fight for a cause. So after this talk I ask you to think about what matters to you. What you believe in and what you might fight for."

"What is your principe?"

"This principle will guide you and make it easier to know if what you are doing is right or wrong."

My principle: Tasks must flow without interruptions.

As the picture above show, the interface must be a tool to improve the capabilities of the user, help him to complete a task and make it easier to reach his needs. The interface must fits the problem and also fits the person. 

A tool addresses human needs by amplifying human capabilities.

How many times did you passed a day long trying to figure out how to realize an idea on a software? We truly expend too much time and efforts to go over interruptions caused by bad interfaces (digital, physical, conceptual or social). 


All work and all play from Box1824 on Vimeo.

This video is the outcome of several studies developed by Box1824. It is a nonprofit or commercial project.
Box1824 is a Brazilian research company that specializes in behavioral sciences and consumer trends.


I’ve selected some good quotes from this documentary. A lot of good inspiration phrases that resumes a good part of the things I’ve been trying to say to companies I’ve worked.

It is a really must see documentary about design.

"Big companies grow up with business model that make them big. Those business models are expiring. The problem is to try the same mindset to create new business"

"Design is creating clarity in this kind o fuzziness"

"Then you put the team together… and there is just no way of not having designers on that team"

"Aesthetics is one of the outcomes of design… and there is much more"

"Translate a need of customer to business propositions"

"We don’t just look at a marketing segmentation. We try to find more patterns among several quite diversial people"

"No good designer will design in isolation and throw it in the marketing"

"Design is about understand what people are trying to say"

"Business schools are studying more design thinking and design schools are doing more business thinking"

"You can train people to accept that fail will lead to success.

If you don’t prototype, test and fail to learn, you are just maximizing your chance to fail big”

"For us, Workshops are the deliverables"

See the documentary to figure out who said what.


This boat will change the world soon.